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Kit for learning how to create whole cloth quilts, each kit is unique with a one-off front panel, yarn and applique fabric selection. When you purchase a kit, you will receive an invitation to a private pre-recorded online class for creating your whole-cloth sampler.

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This kit provides you with key materials to learn a selection of hand and machine skills for making a whole cloth quilt, you can choose just a few of the techniques or do them all. So if you have wanted to see and learn more about whole cloth quilting but do not want to commit to making a full sized quilt, this is just the kit for you to learn from.

Whole-cloth quilt is traditionally made with a plain panel of fabric for the front and tends to rely on the quilt stitching to be the decorative element. I am reconsidering the whole-cloth quilt with contemporary designed panels that explore hand and machine stitch and the addition of optional appliqued elements. This approach allows you to follow a specified plan, or make as you so desire.

When you purchase this quilt, you will get access to an online video that demonstrates a range of techniques from hand stitching and hand knotting to machine stitch. You will learn about quilters knots, creating double sided stitching, how to attach binding and techniques for presenting a quilt [for display or as a practical cover] and, if that is not enough – applique too.

The front panel is 24 x 33 cm [9.5 x 13 inches], once you have trimmed the piece down and the binding has been attached, it will be a little bit smaller.

I will demonstrate simple machine quilting, but this is entirely optional if you do not have a sewing machine. The method I teach for attaching the binding, uses both a sewing machine and hand stitch. If you prefer to not use one, then it can all be done by hand.

Items included in the pack are:

  • A digitally printed front panel – each front panel is unique, in 100% cotton sateen [120gsm]
  • Wadding [bamboo / cotton mix]
  • Backing [100% cotton]
  • Hand cut bias binding, 6.5cm / 2.5” [100% cotton]
  • 2 x needles [sashiko & fine]
  • Sashiko thread collection
  • Selection of fabrics for applique [include hand printed / painted samples]
  • Applique paper [Stitch & Wash fusible]

Items that are NOT included: regular sewing thread [you will need enough to attach the binding – so not very much] a sewing machine, scissors and a darning needle [but only if you want to stitch with a thicker thread rather than lay it on the surface – both options are demonstrated in the video].

Care instructions: when finished, this item can be washed by hand or on a gentle cool wash cycle. For an antiqued and a textured surface, place in a tumble drier but there will be shrinkage.

Launch of collection. There will be a pre-launch at GNCCF in Manchester with the official launch in early November. Shipping of orders will be completed mid-November 2023.

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